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Buckhead Homes

Buckhead Homes: Buying, Living, and Selling in the Neighborhood

Buckhead homes set a standard for luxury southern living, with an estimated average household income topping $105,000, according to a 2013 OliverMcMillan study. The area encompasses about one-fifth of the northern part of the city of Atlanta. Most of the western and northern parts of Buckhead are single-family homes with lush foliage, while the area around Peachtree Road offers high-rise options for retail, dining, business, and entertainment. Buckhead includes over 40 different neighborhoods, each with a distinctive character. Ames Realty Group helps home sellers maximize the value of their property and assists home buyers in finding the right fit for their needs. Learn more about Buckhead homes below.

Buying Buckhead Homes

Properties in Buckhead offer homeowners a centrally-located position in the city of Atlanta with easy access to highways, Fortune 500 businesses, and one of the highest concentrations of upscale boutiques in the country. Here, you'll find the Governor's Mansion, the north-south corridor of Peachtree Road, and thoroughfares that can help you skirt some of the more trafficked portions of the city. Buckhead offers excellent homes for singles, couples, and families. GreatSchools ranks several of the elementary schools in Buckhead among its highest-scoring institutions, and North Atlanta High School recently received a revamped building at a cost of $147 million. 40% of the homes in Atlanta valued in excess of $500,000 are in Buckhead. As you might expect, buyers can expect to pay higher taxes than the average for Atlanta. The area is also one of the oldest in Atlanta, and original-construction Buckhead homes tend to follow the architecture of their era. In general, home buyers will find properties below average cost when they have not been renovated with updates. Buyers interested in the area will find a variety of properties that offer access to everything Atlanta offers. Explore home listings here.

Selling Buckhead Homes

Because of the range of properties available and because Buckhead encompasses so many neighborhoods, one of the biggest challenges that you may face is pricing your home appropriately. The breadth of Buckhead means that million-dollar properties may stand shoulder-to-shoulder with $500,000 houses. If you are an owner in Buckhead, Bill Ames and Ames Realty Group recommend positioning your property at the right value within the area. Expectations among buyers may be higher because of Buckhead's luxury reputation. If your property is well-located and well-priced but lacks the curb appeal or updates of other nearby properties, Bill can work with you to identify opportunities for creating value without significant investment. See "Buckhead Houses: The Top Three Tips for Selling Your Property" for more details. As part of the process of selling homes in Buckhead, Bill uses historical analysis—both long-term and recent sales—to evaluate what comparable properties have delivered. He will position your price in a range that will attract offers that are close to your listing price and get the most value possible from your property. To learn more about selling Buckhead homes, contact Ames Realty Group.

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