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Home Selling Tips

Buckhead Houses: The Top Three Tips for Selling Your Property

Buckhead houses remain popular among Atlanta home buyers, offering owners a lot of value when they are ready to list—if they know how to make the most of the sale.

Bill Ames and Ames Realty Group specialize in Buckhead houses. With 25 years of experience, Bill has had particular success working with owners of high-end Atlanta realty. As a client, he will guide you through the process of preparing, marketing, and selling your property to earn the greatest value possible.

Here, Bill shares three tips for selling your Buckhead home. Read on, and then get in touch to learn how he can help make your listing a success.

Tips for Selling Your Buckhead Home

1. Invest in Your Sale

Buckhead houses are attractive options for many buyers, and so it is common for owners to believe that their property will sell for a high price.

However, there's another force at work that can hinder a sale. Buyers see the excellent properties, immaculate exteriors, and updated interiors of other homes in the area, and they may expect the same level of quality in your property. If your home lacks lighting and landscaping or requires small touch-ups, it may suffer in comparison.

For this reason, it's important to make Buckhead houses look their best before they are listed for sale. When Bill Ames works with clients, he identifies ways to make the property even more attractive. Each of his recommendations are expected to yield a dollar-for-dollar increase in the selling price.

 2. Get the Price Right the First Time You List

On the whole, buyers react to opportunity. If they see a property that is priced close to what they perceive as its true value, they may believe someone will buy it. Feeling this pressure, they are more likely to make an offer.

When buyers don't recognize this value, sellers may be forced to reduce the price because they aren't getting a response to the listing. It's a bad cycle: buyers see this price decrease and begin to question the value of the property further. They are less inclined to take immediate action, and the house stays on the market longer and may sell for much less than it should.

Bill Ames helps clients avoid this issue by pricing Buckhead houses correctly. This means:

  • Valuing the property on its own merits.
  • Considering recent sales of comparable properties.
  • Applying current housing trends.

His groundwork builds demand for a quick, high-value sale.

3. Images matter

Many Buckhead houses are listed for sale in online systems and in print media, such as flyers posted outside the property. For buyers, this may be their first—and last—impression of the home. That's why the images accompanying a listing must be exceptional.

When Bill Ames lists a home for sale, he works with you to prepare the property for a professional photography session. His photographer uses a high-definition camera to capture the home and to strategically highlight its selling points. Compared this to the grainy, pixelated, or dark photos you may see for other homes for sale, and you can understand the advantages.

If you are ready to work with the right Atlanta real estate agent to sell your Buckhead home, we encourage you to contact Ames Realty Group today.