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Our Approach

Working with Bill Ames as Your Atlanta Real Estate Agent

Whether you are selling your current home or searching for a new home, the right Atlanta real estate agent can make all of the difference. Bill Ames works with people who value a true partnership in the process and a better client experience. He offers 25 years of success in Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, and the metro area and as an Atlanta real estate agent, he has had particular success in the buying and selling of high-end homes.

For Home Sellers

Many first-time home sellers experience a lot of problems, whether they are working with another Atlanta real estate agent or they are trying to sell the property on their own. They:

  • May list the home for months without an effective response.
  • Can become overwhelmed with the administrative side of the process.
  • Might be uncertain about the price point they should set.

Selling a home should be simpler. It's about taking your property, making it as nice as it can be, pricing it appropriately, promoting it well, and negotiating effectively. Here's a brief review of what to expect as a client of Ames Realty Group. Walk-through: Together, you and Bill will explore your home and identify ways to enhance the value. You'll also talk about the general price range you can expect for the sale. To get a jumpstart on this process, start your free Atlanta house evaluation. Staging: From the exterior curb appeal of your home to the interior lighting, layout, and furnishing, Bill will guide you in making the most of your property. Pricing: Chances are good that Ames Realty Group has already bought or sold on the street you are considering. As an experienced Atlanta real estate agent, Bill Ames has both the market knowledge and the tools for identifying the right price for your home. Marketing: From arranging professional photography and flyers to organizing open houses for buyers and agents, Bill will administer the entire process. He will also handle scheduling for showings so that you aren't bombarded by calls from buyer agents. Results: Bill Ames offers an average listing-to-purchase price of 98%. In other words, clients not only make their sale, but they also earn more money in less time. If you are selling your home and would like to learn more about working with Ames Realty Group, get in touch.

For Home Buyers

If you are like many of Ames Realty Group's clients, finding a new home is not just about searching for a listing. It's a process of discovery.

When you begin reviewing homes, you start to identify the qualities that matter most. Viewing each new option helps mold your opinion or leads you to new questions that you need answered. As your Atlanta real estate agent, Bill gives you the time you need to explore, the tools you require to decide between homes, and the honest opinions you deserve about the properties you are considering. He will:

  • Share the best qualities that a home offers as well as potential concerns so that you have all of the important information.
  • Advise you on individual properties and streets and the price points you can expect.
  • Offer you the experience that only comes with decades of buying and selling ¬†Buckhead homes, Brookhaven homes, Sandy Springs homes, and other Atlanta properties.

If you're ready to find the right home, get in touch with Bill Ames today.